Flush Tones

In 1998 I had an idea for an art installation. It involved installing a sound system in a public toilet and piping in toilet sounds treated and sequenced in an interesting way. I sent a proposal to Wellington's City Gallery and got a mildly positive response, of the 'come back when you've got something to show us' variety, and so I set about trying to realise the work.

John Higgs: The KLF: Chaos, Magic, and the Band Who Burned a Million Pounds

John Higgs has written a book about the KLF. Actually, it's more of a tangential ramble around the KLF, but this approach suits the subject very well. In fact, the last thing the KLF need is a straight up biography: the band is well documented by Bill Drummond himself, and indeed the Wikipedia entry on the band is (in my humble view) is the best for any rock/pop/contemporary beat combo.

Active Everything Time Kpop set (in full!)

For reference, I've done up a youtube playlist of the set I played last night:

More anorakish details available at Michael's Jet Jaguar site.

Thanks to Michael for letting me on. After playing the set (and stiltedly burbling my way through the links) I felt thoroughly embarrassed, but I'm glad I've got it out of my system!


Kpop show upcoming on Radio Active

I'm going to be barging in to next Tuesday's Everything Time show on Radio Active to play a brief, idiosyncratic, but hopefully memorable selection of Kpop songs assembled from a year's study of the genre.

This devastating event should occur sometime between 9 and 11pm, 26 November 2013. Active is now on 88.6FM or, if you're out of town, listen to the live stream; you should be able to work out when's the right time to listen here.

Crayon Pop: Bar Bar Bar

I'm slightly embarrassed I got to this so late, but here we go:

f(x) - 에프엑스_첫 사랑니(Rum Pum Pum Pum)

f(x) sit in the SM stable as a more dance-oriented, younger version of Girls' Generation. Their latest single, of which the only words I can read are 'Rum Pum Pum Pum' - surely a callback to the Little Drummer Boy, but who knows - is a thrilling kaleidoscope ride of rounds and sort of eastern guitar loop. It's catchy and high energy, or a Sugababes song from 2000, depending on how you want to think about it.


HTML5 Web Audio API

My day job doesn't often intersect with my interests, but I was excited this week to learn about the Web Audio API, which has been around for a few years, but hasn't been widely adopted because only webkit-based browsers (Safari and Chrome) fully support it. The API provides a way for developers to programme complex sound interactions with web pages.


Girls' Generation: Love and Girls

It's a bit late now but here's Girls' Generation's June Japanese single Love and Girls.

Lamentably the song would fit very well with the sort of crapola you get on the Disney channel, and it seems to be aimed at the Japanese tween market. After the relative sophistication of their last Japanese single, Flower Power, or the earlier Mr Taxi, this one feels a bit retrograde. The "girls" are now aged 22-24 - why turn them into mouseketeers at this stage?


For a while I've been meaning to address the embarrassing fact that despite this being primarily a site promoting my own music, I don't currently have any music to promote. Partly out of a lack of time, but also very definitely because of a paucity of inspiration, I haven't worked on anything musical in months.

4Minute - What's your name?


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